Why you need a Lawyer to Assist in Filing a US Patent

Have you ever bought something simple like, let’s say a bicycle lock, and you lost it and had to go out and buy a replacement? You can’t remember the design or brand you had, so you just grab something off the shelf and upon using it you immediately notice it doesn’t lock as smoothly as the first brand you had. You bitterly wish the designers had the courtesy to offer a product as simple as the previous one you owned. Chances are the company would love to offer you the same ease, but that first company had a patent on their product that forbids competitors from using the same locking system and encroaching on their hard-earned market gain. Having a lawyer will ensure you have all your bases covered when filing a patent, as there are some loopholes that poachers can find unless your patent is ironclad and examined under the legal microscope.

Where to start

There are several lawyers to choose from, and searching for one can be a daunting task and take lots of time. One clear-cut way of finding a good partnering service is to see what others are saying about them on social media platforms. For example, online users can read Yodle reviews on facebook and get first-hand reports from firms that reveal that reveal how the company’s representation helped grow their business.

A sound business investment

A company’s valuation can be summed up by its patent portfolio. Investors, customers and members of the media are always impressed when a business reports a portfolio brimming with patents that are both filed and pending. Therefore, any entrepreneur or venture capitalist will embrace patent preparation and filing and legal costs as a necessary and vital part of their marketing budget.

In your corner from the start

One of the inevitable annoyances that plague business owners is when another company encroaches on one of their patents. The lawyer who helped you file your patent will already be familiar with your product and all its specs, and will know just how to protect your business. Having a lawyer to help you establish clear ownership will save you time and money that you would otherwise spend your self with out legal representation.

Patents that aren’t really patents

Not all patents filed are considered legally ironclad patents. In an article published by The New York Times the journalist reports how the Supreme Court heard Microsoft’s argument in which they adamantly denied stealing a patent from the Canadian company i4i Limited Partnership. The article explains that in defending itself against the lawsuit (which contended that Microsoft Word had infringed upon i4i’s method of editing documents), Microsoft argued that the patent was invalid. Needless to say, i4i had an outstanding legal team that protected them against the global business giant, and you need this same insurance in your back pocket that your business will be protected from such accusations, and to insure that, indeed, your patent is really a patent.

Image source: http://ip-litigationlawyer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Santa-Monica-Patent-Attorney.png