About Us

HowToPatentAnIdea.net provides expertise on copyrighting, licensure agreements, patents, designs and other aspects of inventions. Our goal is to offer advice on all of the information a US inventor needs to bring their ideas to the marketplace.

We believe an inventor’s time is best served by concentrating on the very thing they do best, which is the creative process. However, invention consists of other aspects that need attention. Inventors must not only be inventors, but also product designers, electronics and intellectual property experts, materials specialists, marketing geniuses and business strategy planners.

This website strives to inform inventors about providing useful contacts and surpassing possible roadblocks, allowing the inventor to devote their time to the invention process.

Our site combines the knowledge of experienced inventors and invention experts in order to give US inventors relevant information.

The purpose of the HowToPatentAnIdea.net website is to assist UK inventors with developing, producing and protecting their ideas.

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